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The skin is usually tight, there are visible wrinkles, the skin tone is slack especially around the cheeks and jaw line and often there are broken capillaries. Sun damaged skin usually has a leathery texture to it.


1Keep out of the sun. If you are exposed to the sun, make sure you cover up with a hat and sunscreen.


Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle:

     – Relax and do not stress
     – Improve your diet
     – Get enough sleep
     – Make time for exercise
     – Laugh and surround yourself with a good support network (family & friends)
     – Avoid alcohol and smoking


Consume antioxidants: fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains are all high in antioxidants.
Make sure you get plenty of vitamin C & E. You also need plenty of omega 3
       which maintains structure and elasticity of the skin from within.

4Take anti-ageing supplements e.g. royal jelly to provide your skin with nourishment.

5Use anti-ageing organic or natural skin care which does not contain chemical ingredients.