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Brand History

2000Founder, Pisan Chowvalit struggles to find a suitable product for his sensitive skin.

2003Frustrated with the number of harsh chemicals found in skincare products, Pisan travels to the South of France to study aromatherapy. His aim is to create a range of certified organic essential oils and organic skincare products that utilise the natural healing properties of herbs, botanicals and certified organic essential oils.

2004Upon his return to Australia, Pisan buys an organic farm in the Blue Mountains to grown his own herbs which he uses in his organic essential oils, skincare, hair and body care products.

2005Mt. retour is accredited as certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

2009Mt. retour launches 22 certified organic essential oils and a range of certified organic skincare products which are approved by both ACO and Organic Food Chain (OFC).

2010Mt. retour products are exported to over 15 countries and becomes a leading certified organic skincare brand in Asia. In Australia Mt. retour essential oils and skincare products can be found in duty-free and souvenir stores nationwide, and can be purchased online.