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Testimonial1Mt. retour Organic Lavender Hand Cream
“not every hand cream is the same”  

I found Mt. retour hand cream at Sydney Airport. The lavender smell is so relaxing and the texture is beautiful, my hands feel so soft. I now believe not all hand creams are the same. I am sharing this experience with everyone I love.

Faye S. 27 years old, Hong Kong

Testimonial2 Mt. retour Organic Lavender Shampoo
“it helped solve my severe dandruff”

I have had dry hair with severe dandruff for many years. I cannot use shampoo from the supermarket… it makes my scalp very itchy and creates more dandruff. After using Mt .retour Certified OrganicShampoo and Conditioner I no longer have an itchy scalp and dandruff. I believe the high quality of organic shampoo has helped my condition.

Eun Ae Cho 29 years old, Korea

Testimonial3Mt. retour Certified Organixlift Face Cream
“feeling safe and natural all day long”

My daughter purchased this cream for me as she knows I have sensitive skin. There are only a few products I can use without irritation. I feel safe using a cream that is certified organic and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. I would recommend this cream to anyone who has sensitive skin.

Beverly Robinson 45 years old, Australia