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Rosacea is dilated blood vessels that lead to redness on parts of the face. Typically, the affected areas are the nose, forehead and the cheekbones. Rosacea often occurs to women more than men. It can be triggered by hormone fluctuations, change of weather and diet.

Here are some Rosacea symptoms :

  • Red flushing
  • Irritated patches of red skin
  • Little red bumps around your face
  • Tiny blood vessels appear on your nose or cheeks
  • Nose appears red and inflamed


There are no known cures for rosacea however there are remedies to alleviate symptoms. Over the counter medicines such as tetracyclines are a common treatment for rosacea, as are ointments and pills which are generally prescribed together. These drugs are prescribed primarily for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Alternatively, taking a supplement that contains both zinc and high potency antioxidants, together with using organic skincare daily, can reduce the symptoms of rosacea. Certified Organic Rose Hip Face Serum is an effective product that helps to soothe and calm red, irritated skin.


Do not use Certified Organic Rose Hip Face Serum on broken skin. Only use this product once skin has healed.